REFINED x CT Mobile PResets

Refined x CT Mobile Presets are derived from our extremely popular desktop collaboration with the talented Caroline Tran. Now you can have Patina, Pure, Serene and even Pure & Blush Tone at your fingertips all the time. Designed specifically for mobile images and for fast on the go editing.

-Patina M
-Pure M
-Pure + Blush M
-Serene M
-BW Sepia M
-Installation Instructions
-Editing Tips


*Presets are for the FREE Lightroom App available on iPhone & Android devices. No Lightroom subscription necessary. All Digital Sales are Final.

*Mobile presets are created specifically for compressed mobile/drone images and do not work well with RAW/dng files and would require a lot of adjustments. If editing RAW/dng files the desktop presets would work best.


  1. Download the Winzip App & Free Adobe Lightroom App

  2. Download the zip file from your download link and ‘open with’ Winzip App

  3. You will find your presets and Installation Guide here. Follow the step by step visual tutorial to install your Refined Mobile Presets.



Patina | Pure | Pure + Blush | Serene

We’ve included 4 color presets that are carefully designed from Caroline Tran’s favorite desktop presets. Patina has the same warm highlight and cool undertone, while Pure is simply…Pure. Pure + Blush Tone is a very popular combination so we had to included it in the mobile collection. Serene is there for when you want a very soft, slightly washed tone to an image. All four are easily customizable in the comprehensive Lightroom Mobile App.

BW | BW sepia

We included a very neutral BW preset derived from the same one in Caroline Tran’s desktop presets. Of course we had to add the very popular BW + Sepia Tone for those that want a slight vintage and classic feel to their black and white photographs.