REFINED X Caroline tran

(Formerly Refined Signature w/ Caroline Tran)

Refined and Caroline Tran came together to create a collection of presets designed to work across all genres of photography. Caroline is a fine art wedding, portrait, studio and commercial photographer that shoots both digital and film for all of her work. She has brought 10 years of hybrid photography experience and knowledge to the design of this preset collection to create a set of effortless presets that blend seamlessly across all avenues of your work.

6 color presets (Patina, Patina Warm, Pure, Pure Warm, Serene & Serene Warm)
2 Tones (Blush & Sepia)
Workflow tools including several film grains

For Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (and newer) and/or Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (and newer).

REFINED x Caroline Tran - TONES & BW


TONEs (BLUSH & Sepia)

We include two tones with Caroline’s Presets. Blush to mimic the lovely soft pink tone she achieves in many of her film images and Sepia to be used on color for a slight warmth to the images or BW for a classic old film sepia tone.

BW Soft & Mood

Caroline wanted a classic film-esque BW. It is very easy to use with just a quick exposure and contrast adjustment as needed and looks amazing with Grain ++ added. We also added a soft classic sepia tone that can be used on either BW or your color edits.