What is REFINED I?

REFINED I is the original REFINED preset that brings you a clean, timeless and simple edit with a film aesthetic. REFINED I works well for digital and hybrid photographers that have a clean and simple edit and scan. REFINED I comes with 2 color presets, 2 BW presets, several tones, and workflow tools.

REFINED x Caroline Tran is a collection of presets that are collaborations with various photographers to bring you a taste of their style, workflow, and hybrid photography needs. We currently have a collection with Caroline Tran with several more in the works!

What is refined x Caroline Tran?

What Software is refined PRESETS available for?

REFINED is currently available for Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Lightroom CC 7.3 and later and Adobe Lightroom Mobile. We are looking into Capture One. Please message us if you are interested in editing with Capture One. 

How do you recommend we exposure our images? 

We have found in order to retain the highlights and details of the image when shooting digital, it is best to properly expose the image properly (middle exposure) or even under expose 1-2 stops in order to maintain backlight highlights. The presets are built to allow for wide exposure adjustments in post processing, especially when shooting RAW. 

We have tested Refined on many camera bodies and found it works well with Nikon, Canon, Sony, FujiFilm X series and even Phase One digital backs. The adjustments may be a tad different from body to body, but we found it is mostly in the white balance which needs adjusting most times anyway!

What camera bodies does REFINED work best with?

REFINED works well with Auto and Kelvin WB. But we have found that the WB is the cornerstone of a good edit with REFINED and any other presets you use. Although the camera bodies are good at getting a solid WB, they are not always perfect. Shooting with a gray card or correcting your WB in ACR or LR before or as you edit is important to achieve the tones you would like. The preset will take care of the rest!

What White BALANCE do you suggest?

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Do you have a discount?

We have users in all genres of photography and have found that it is just as successful in a studio as outdoors in natural light. The preset is designed to work with your image, not a "style". You can find many examples of the preset in use in the studio and out on our Instagram and in our Galleries.


Due to the digital nature of the presets we cannot off a refund for your purchase. In order to make you feel more comfortable with your purchase we do offer a test edit of your files so you can see how the presets work for you. You can send us 3-5 RAW files (and film scans if you are a hybrid shooter) to We accept Dropbox folders to this same address as well. 

Do you offer Refunds?