Tropical Engagement by Artystafoto


I distinctly remember the morning that I was scrolling through Facebook and saw one of the images below and paused. It was beautiful. It was film (or so I thought) and I wondered who shot it. I clicked, and found myself in REFINED Presets Social group. Wait what? This was not only digital, but it was edited with our REFINED Presets! Geriel was a first time poster in the group and knocked it out of the park with this edit. After picking my jaw up off the floor (and doing a teeny tiny back pat to myself) I messaged him wanting to know more. What he shot it with, which preset he used and why the heck is his work not already in our IG feed? 


He shot this session with his Sony a7ii with the Mitakon 50mm 0.95 lens at about 2.0f and edited them with 'Patina' from the REFINED Signature w/ Caroline Tran presets (Before and After below). The combo and his edit, gives them a very Kodak Portra film edit. I have seen the mirrorless Sony's and Fuji GFX pop up quite a bit these days, especially amongst hybrid shooters and I am beyond impressed with the results...and now have added them to my personal wish list and you might want to too!

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Since we all like seeing the Before & Afters, Geriel was kind enough to share a few with us. He used Patina & Grain from REFINED Signature Presets for the color images and BW & Grain++ for the black and white image (above). His tweaks were WB, exposure and a touch of contrast!


REFINED Signature Presets

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