Madly in Love by Mariko


"I just need to say again, thank you thank you thank you!! from the bottom of my heart. I don't know how I got so lucky to win these presets, but I am beyond stoked that I did and I'm so grateful. I had been in such a rut with my editing in the past 6 months or so (to the point where I was considering if being a photographer was meant for me) and was desperately needing a change. This was literally an answer to my prayers when I found your presets, and also when I won!! Thank you for helping me get back on the straight and narrow ;)"- Mariko

As you may have guessed, Mariko won our last preset giveaway and we are also stoked that she did! Could you imagine her hanging up the towel on this talent? Not only is she a wonderful photographer, but she clearly has a knack for getting her clients happy and relaxed in front of her camera...even in the blistering cold. 


Mariko shoots with a Niko d750 and used Patina from the REFINED Signature Presets for this session. Be sure to head over to Mariko's website to see more of her work and her contagiously happy couples!



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When Mariko sent us the SOOC files she mentioned that they were losing a lot of light towards the end of the session, but she loved how well the presets still worked. Here we can see the power of a RAW image in post editing, and that REFINED Presets can handle quite a bit as well. We suggest a midline exposure, or exposing for the highlights when a lot of light is involved to retain those highlights, but if you are losing light, or even accidentally underexpose we still have your back. 

Patina and BW from REFINED Signature Presets


REFINED Signature Presets

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