Branding Shoot by Ashley Holstein


We were stopped in our tracks in the Refined Preset Social Group on Facebook when these images showed up by Ashley Holstein. Many of us (myself included) thought these were film and were pleasantly surprised that it was a REFINED I Preset edit. Ashley does shoot film with her Mamiya 645 AFD, but hybrid shoots all of her sessions with her Canon 6D and 50mm 1.2L.

Continue reading to find out why Ashley loves REFINED Presets, what presets she used here, and her Before & After edits.


“I found refined presets through a fellow photographer friend, Jessica Bellinger. She raves about how it has changed her editing and how she was producing more consistent colors through her hybrid work. I’m naturally inclined to be skeptical about presets since I’ve purchased so many different ones in the past. Usually, it’s a learning curve to get the tones just right. But Refined isn’t like that at all. The presets were created with us film photographers in mind. The skin tones match the film scans perfectly without me having to have the scans. That detail blows my mind…”


“I can edit a full wedding within a few days of photographing it and know that when I receive my scans, they will be matched perfectly. Refined Presets changed editing for me. I have cut my editing and gallery delivery time by 90% since last year. My clients are happier and sharing about me to their friends. I am spending less time behind a computer and actually enjoying life with my husband and toddler. Can you really put a price tag on those things? You can’t. I’m so glad I use Refined. It doesn’t just compliment my workflow, it compliments everything I stand for. That is valuable to me. Thank you Marta!”




To achieve this edit Ashley used the REFINED I preset with the Chateau Tone and warmed up a bit with white balance adjustments and then adjusting exposure as needed. We love these before and afters.

This digital, in camera double exposure is all sorts of amazing.



Interested in submitting a session edited w/ REFINED Presets? Email or dropbox us some images to for consideration!