Branding Shoot by Ashley Holstein

We were stopped in our tracks in the Refined Preset Social Group on Facebook when these images showed up by Ashley Holstein. Many of us (myself included) thought these were film and were pleasantly surprised that it was a REFINED I Preset edit. Ashley does shoot film with her Mamiya 645 AFD, but hybrid shoots all of her sessions with her Canon 6D and 50mm 1.2L.

Continue reading to find out why Ashley loves REFINED Presets, what presets she used here, and her Before & After edits.


“I found refined presets through a fellow photographer friend, Jessica Bellinger. She raves about how it has changed her editing and how she was producing more consistent colors through her hybrid work. I’m naturally inclined to be skeptical about presets since I’ve purchased so many different ones in the past. Usually, it’s a learning curve to get the tones just right. But Refined isn’t like that at all. The presets were created with us film photographers in mind. The skin tones match the film scans perfectly without me having to have the scans. That detail blows my mind…”


“I can edit a full wedding within a few days of photographing it and know that when I receive my scans, they will be matched perfectly. Refined Presets changed editing for me. I have cut my editing and gallery delivery time by 90% since last year. My clients are happier and sharing about me to their friends. I am spending less time behind a computer and actually enjoying life with my husband and toddler. Can you really put a price tag on those things? You can’t. I’m so glad I use Refined. It doesn’t just compliment my workflow, it compliments everything I stand for. That is valuable to me. Thank you Marta!”




To achieve this edit Ashley used the REFINED I preset with the Chateau Tone and warmed up a bit with white balance adjustments and then adjusting exposure as needed. We love these before and afters.

This digital, in camera double exposure is all sorts of amazing.



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Editorial Shoot by Le Thinh Photography

Have you joined our REFINED Presets Social Facebook Group? If not, you are missing out on stunning shares like this session by Le Thinh Photography . Our users are sharing some of their best images edited with REFINED Presets and also there to answer questions about their gear, preferred presets and more!


Edited with ‘Patina’ from REFINED Signature Presets

Thank you Le Thinh for sharing your gorgeous work with us!

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How to use REFINED Desktop Presets on Lightroom Mobile for FREE

Did you know that you can use the desktop REFINED Presets in LR Mobile if you have Lightroom CC? It's a bit of a work around, but it is possible. We are crossing our fingers that Adobe starts allowing third party presets to be installed, but until then...we have a couple of ways to get the job done and allow you to have consistency in your editing across the board. The presets will need a bit more tweaking in LR Mobile, especially on compressed mobile images, but it still gives you access on the go and with the presets you've already purchased. Scroll down for the How To. 

Don't want to bother with figuring this work around? Want closer to a 1 click on your mobile images? Don't have a LR CC and just want to use their free mobile app? Then you need REFINED Mobile Presets. They are specifically designed to be used on mobile images, no subscription needed, easily to install and less tweaking too. CLICK HERE

How to use REFINED Desktop Presets on Lightroom Mobile

What you need: 
1: Lightroom CC
2: Adobe Lightroom App for mobile (iphone, android and tablets)
3: REFINED Presets for desktop (not Mobile Presets)

How to:
1: Open Lightroom on your computer. In Library mode, scroll down to the lower left panel called "Collection". Create a new collection and name it REFINED Mobile. Right click on the collection and make sure that Sync is turned on. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 1.44.37 PM.png

2: Import 1 unprocessed image to the catalog. We suggest one that you can easily see the different presets on. 
3: Create virtual copies for the number of REFINED Presets you would like to use. This process does not work well for workflow tools, so only make enough copies for the main presets.


4: Now apply the REFINED presets you would like to use on LR Mobile to the virtual copies. If you like to use a grain or tone often, add that to the main preset as well. These will be adjustable in LR Mobile. But you cannot add specific add on's such as grain or tones in LR Mobile, so it needs to be added in the desktop version first. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 1.47.24 PM.png

5: Now sync the collection with Lightroom Mobile.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 1.48.16 PM.png

6: Open LR Mobile on your phone and you should see your new Collection there with the images and the presets applied. 

Does your head hurt yet? Yup. Ours too. That is why we came up with an easier way, and developed presets just for LR Mobile. None of this syncing, copying, creating, etc. 
CLICK HERE for the easier REFINED Mobile Presets for Lightroom

How to use the presets in Lightroom Mobile

Now that you have them on your phone, you need to learn how to apply them to your images. 

1: Open your REFINED Mobile catalog you created on your phone. 

Photo May 06, 2 52 39 PM.png

2: Select the preset you want to apply to your mobile phone image and allow it to load. Check the cloud in the upper, it will have a green check mark when fully loaded. 

Photo May 06, 2 53 20 PM.png

3: Select the image that you want to edit. Then click "Previous" at the bottom. 

4: Then select "All" on the pop up at the bottom. This will automatically apply the preset settings from the first image to the new image. 

Now you can edit and adjust the image just like on your desktop!

iPhone images by Jessie Barksdale and Marta Locklear

PHEW! That was a doozy...right? That is why we created the new Mobile Presets for LR. You can take out more than half of these steps, use any version of LR you would like (for those of you still hanging onto LR 4, 5 and 6, use just LR mobile if you don't have the desktop version, and want the new designed just for mobile photo REFINED presets that will take less tweaking! CLICK HERE for REFINED Mobile Presets

Pre-Wedding Session by Artystafoto

Geriel from Artystafoto has done it again with this stunning pre-wedding session on coral beaches, drone footage, an impeccable sunset, and a couple madly in love. This session is so well composed from beginning to end and edited with a timeless fine art hand. 


Geriel shoots with a mirrorless Sony Alpha a7ii and Mitakon 50mm 0.95 lens at about 2.0f. For outdoor sessions he says that he shoots close to perfect exposure and sets his camera to 5000 Kelvin to achieve a consistent white balance to make his editing even quicker.



Website | Instagram

To achieve his Fine Art edit, Geriel leans on Patina from the REFINED Signature Preset collection w/ Caroline Tran. With his consistent WB and exposure, his edits are quick. He applies the preset, increases exposure if needed, and adds one of REFINED's 3 grain options. Enjoy some wonderful before & after examples below.



Interested in submitting a session edited w/ REFINED Presets? Email or dropbox us some images to for consideration!

Farm Fresh by Ali Harper

I've been a huge fan of Ali Harper for years now. Always finding myself gazing at her lifestyle and still life work. She has a wonderful knack for light, simplicity and composition. Today Ali not only shoots commercial and lifestyle work, but she is talented stock photographer for Stocksy and is the owner and writer of the blog Chase Your Happy an 'Inspiration for Creativepreneurs'. Be sure sure to visit her site and blog to dive deep into her gorgeous work and words.

Ali captured these wonderful images during a day trip to a local farm in Serenbe, Georgia and shared them in our REFINED Presets Social group and we were all instantly smitten! Several people in the group commented that they couldn't believe they were digital...and I agree. Such wonderful captures. Learn what she shoots with and her presets of choice below.

You can find Ali shooting with a Canon 5diii and Canon 50mm 1.2L for nearly all of her work. She tends to shoot between 1.8-2.8 aperature and meters right at proper exposure. 


Website | Instagram

To achieve her clean polished film aesthetic Ali used both Pure and Patina from the REFINED Signature Presets in her editing. She leans on Pure for commercial work that needs truer colors and cleaner edits, and Patina for a bit more of a raw film look. She used both for this set of images and was pleasantly surprised at how consistent they were in the same collection of images. Just how we designed them to be!


Interested in submitting a session edited w/ REFINED Presets? Email or dropbox us some images to for consideration!

Madly in Love by Mariko

"I just need to say again, thank you thank you thank you!! from the bottom of my heart. I don't know how I got so lucky to win these presets, but I am beyond stoked that I did and I'm so grateful. I had been in such a rut with my editing in the past 6 months or so (to the point where I was considering if being a photographer was meant for me) and was desperately needing a change. This was literally an answer to my prayers when I found your presets, and also when I won!! Thank you for helping me get back on the straight and narrow ;)"- Mariko

As you may have guessed, Mariko won our last preset giveaway and we are also stoked that she did! Could you imagine her hanging up the towel on this talent? Not only is she a wonderful photographer, but she clearly has a knack for getting her clients happy and relaxed in front of her camera...even in the blistering cold. 


Mariko shoots with a Niko d750 and used Patina from the REFINED Signature Presets for this session. Be sure to head over to Mariko's website to see more of her work and her contagiously happy couples!



Website | Instagram

When Mariko sent us the SOOC files she mentioned that they were losing a lot of light towards the end of the session, but she loved how well the presets still worked. Here we can see the power of a RAW image in post editing, and that REFINED Presets can handle quite a bit as well. We suggest a midline exposure, or exposing for the highlights when a lot of light is involved to retain those highlights, but if you are losing light, or even accidentally underexpose we still have your back. 

Patina and BW from REFINED Signature Presets


REFINED Signature Presets

Interested in submitting a session edited w/ REFINED Presets? Email or dropbox us some images to for consideration!

Ethereal Fig Styled Shoot by Yumi M Photography

When Yumi shared her sneak peek of this style shoot in the REFINED Presets Social (Facebook group) it stopped all of us in our tracks. Soft, ethereal, perfect color palette....and that grain! She pushed her edit to lean towards a very fine art film look and we couldn't be more obsessed with it!


"I finally purchased Refined and I couldn't been happier!!!! This preset is simply amazing 💞
Edited with Patina & Pure" - Yumi



Website | Instagram

To achieve this gorgeous film aesthetic Yumi used REFINED Signature Preset pack. 'Patina' from REFINED Signature Preset was used perfectly here with a lifted shadow and Grain + from the Signature set to achieve a light and airy fine art feel. 



Interested in submitting a session edited w/ REFINED Presets? Email or dropbox us some images to for consideration!

How to Install your REFINED Presets


  • Download your presets and unzip the folder
  • Copy the REFINED Preset folder (not the text pages)
  • Open Lightroom
  • Select Lightroom in upper left corner
  • Select Preferences (new window will appear)
  • Select Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  • Select Lightroom
  • Select Developer Presets
  • Past the REFINED Presets folder here
  • Restart Lightroom


  • Download your presets and unzip the folder
  • Copy the REFINED Preset folder (not the text pages)
  • Open Lightroom
  • Select Edit in upper left corner
  • Select Preferences (new window will appear)
  • Select Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  • Select Lightroom
  • Select Developer Presets
  • Past the REFINED Presets folder here
  • Restart Lightroom


Download your REFINED presets and unzip the folder. Copy the REFINED Preset folder (not the text pages). Place them in the following location

  • Users > YOUR NAME > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Camera Raw > Settings


  • Application Data > Adobe > Camera Raw > Setting
  • OR
  • Users > [USER NAME] > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > Camera Raw > Settings

Motherhood Mini Session by Lumi Photo

Suzy's images pop up frequently in the REFINED Presets Instagram feed these days, and we are not sorry for that. Her ability to capture authentic connections between her clients and her use of space is captivating. Recently Suzy made a "mini" studio out of a spare room in her home that is a perfect "little white box of light" for her Motherhood Mini Sessions. And we couldn't agree more! The light and clean palette allows the viewer to focus on the bond between mother and child, a captured moment that her clients will treasure for many years to come. Her dear friend and fellow photographer Marialisa Militello and new babe simply glow in this session.


Suzy shoots with a Canon Mark III digital camera and uses her Sigma 35mm lens to allow the width she needs in her 'mini' space. Combined with the REFINED I presets she creates a clean, minimal, natural and timeless look to her images. Scroll down to see a few Before & After edits. 



Website | Instagram

To achieve a clean and minimal edit, Suzy used REFINED I Preset pack. REFINED I was created to give a very clean and timeless edit with a film aesthetic. Her go to combination for color is REFINED + Grain + Soften, and exposure and white balance tweaks if needed. The BW images are BW Soft + Grain



Interested in submitting a session edited w/ REFINED Presets? Email or dropbox us some images to for consideration!

Tropical Engagement by Artystafoto

I distinctly remember the morning that I was scrolling through Facebook and saw one of the images below and paused. It was beautiful. It was film (or so I thought) and I wondered who shot it. I clicked, and found myself in REFINED Presets Social group. Wait what? This was not only digital, but it was edited with our REFINED Presets! Geriel was a first time poster in the group and knocked it out of the park with this edit. After picking my jaw up off the floor (and doing a teeny tiny back pat to myself) I messaged him wanting to know more. What he shot it with, which preset he used and why the heck is his work not already in our IG feed? 


He shot this session with his Sony a7ii with the Mitakon 50mm 0.95 lens at about 2.0f and edited them with 'Patina' from the REFINED Signature w/ Caroline Tran presets (Before and After below). The combo and his edit, gives them a very Kodak Portra film edit. I have seen the mirrorless Sony's and Fuji GFX pop up quite a bit these days, especially amongst hybrid shooters and I am beyond impressed with the results...and now have added them to my personal wish list and you might want to too!

Website | Instagram

Since we all like seeing the Before & Afters, Geriel was kind enough to share a few with us. He used Patina & Grain from REFINED Signature Presets for the color images and BW & Grain++ for the black and white image (above). His tweaks were WB, exposure and a touch of contrast!


REFINED Signature Presets

Interested in submitting a session edited w/ REFINED Presets? Email or dropbox us some images to for consideration!